Saturday, March 11, 2017

Craft beers in Taiwan

Chanced upon a bar on our second night in Taipei, which was such a cool place. Well, when a pub is named ABV, I guess it kinda means business, heh.

Was quite taken by the selection of craft beer available from all over the world, but of course being in Taiwan we had to try their local versions. I was particularly intrigued by this series that had one themed for each season. It was almost tempting to try them all, except I had limited stomach capacity. Thankfully, AB and his parents have way different taste preference from me, so they ended up ordering the ones I wasn't keen to spare space for an entire bottle. A sip or two sufficed. Heh. Also gave me the perfect opportunity to read all of them in detail and take plenty of photos. Muahaha.

Can you guess which is my favourite? ;)

Full series: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter (plus a random pumpkin beer)

Love the story behind each name/theme
ABV (Carribean bar and kitchen)

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