Sunday, February 05, 2017

My new thing: swishy skirts

Our warm and humid climate here meant that I tend to shy away from wearing jeans or long dresses and skirts which just feel too heavy and even warmer than I can tolerate - I am one of those who is deathly heat-averse so I do everything I can to avoid getting sticky and sweaty when I'm out and about.

In the recent months however, I have taken a shine to swishy flowy skirts that make me feel like either an all-powerful witch or a dreamy princess, depending on the colour and design, hurhurhur. The light fabric makes it rather breezy to move about in while not getting more heated up than usual, and there's just something special about having those light swathes swish around my ankles and floating gently as I walk.

And so for lunar new year, I donned one for the second day. Wasn't about to chance wearing one when I had to commute a lot, so this was great for the day since the programme was only to visit the sister's renovated loft, then catch that awesome Aus Open final.

This was a particularly dreamy skirt that I had bought off some online shop and hoarded for months waiting for a right occasion and mood to wear, and that day was perfect for it. Paired it with one of my favourite easy white tops that matches nearly anything and just drapes flatteringly and comfortably. It was rather fun to prance around in it, even though I had to take care when going up the stairs to prevent my feet from getting caught in the overhanging fabric. Heh. It's a skirt that's not for the clumsy. :p
Pastels and polyester make a winning combo

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