Saturday, January 21, 2017

Catching up with the galfriend

Another date I promptly locked in even before touching down back in Singapore was with the galfriend. We had both been away for the better part of December and I wasn't used to not seeing her face for more than a month. Heh. #needygalfriend Sure we text back and forth, and emails work well too if longer rants are desired, but it's just different to be able to chat with her face to face (says this introvert). A proper catch up was definitely in order.

Meals with this woman are always super easy - we have very similar preferences on what we like to eat (and drink), so often we end up ordering a few items to share, which works out awesomely where we get to eat what we like without overstraining our poor tummies. 

Over sips of sake and a simple but delicious dinner at Marusaya, we yabbled on about our respective holidays - exclusive uncensored content that you won't get to see on my blog (or hers). That's one of the reasons we get along so well - that shared love of reading and writing, but also a very clear divide on what we put on public space, especially those deeper thoughts and words that could easily be misconstrued. We both have a hearty dislike of drama, no desire to entertain nosy parkers either. On the other hand, with her and many of my closest, we sometimes don't even need words to communicate - a simple shrug, raised brow or smirk can relay exactly what can't be explained in a whole chunk paragraph of text.  

The darling also passed me some lovely gifts she had picked out for me - a beautiful notebook for me to sketch in, and a bracelet that's a perfect trinket for weekends and casual days. It was a lovely nod to my aspiration to be more mindful over the past year, amazingly thoughtful as usual. Me? I didn't get her anything for Christmas, except to make a quiet contribution to her beloved sharks via WildAid again, our yearly tradition, or rather my yearly gift to her over the past five years. :)

Pretty packages for me!


imp said...


oh yeah, like, this finger pointing and waving in mid-air. Totally translates into "I left my glass bottle at the office." ✌๐ŸปVery winning.

b.muse said...

@imp: Totally! LOL. ;)