Tuesday, July 31, 2007

july updates

Yes, I've been MIA pretty much the entire month of July from this space. :p

The culprit, other than the inspiration going on a vacation, was a schedule plagued with work commitments that seemed to drain the mind each day, such that at the end of weekdays, I stare at the screen blankly, and on weekends, I was just happily doing everything else away from the comp. Could only bring myself to read up on other's posts, thirstily lapping up the words of others, and updating myself on other people's ongoings.

So, here I am, guiltily posting on the final day of the month, slowly warming up the blogging engine again. :))

Yes, just a shoutout that I'm still well and alive, and the inspiration seems on the return too. We shall see. Hee.

And here are some randoms on the month:
Passion Run - I had a blast, and gave myself a pat on the back for a timing that I was happy with (1:11 for 10km, not fantastic, but not too bad). Best part was that this was the first 10km run I completed non-stop. Hee.

Eh, don't ask me why I'm raving about finishing a 10km non-stop when I've completed 21.1km non-stop already.

Daddy-dearest birthday - The father turned 56 this year, and we bought him a new Samsung mobile to replace his cranky current one. It pleases us to see him beaming and playing with the new toy once he got his hands on it. My funny dad, who lovingly wakes me up each morning, and spoils us with all sorts of small treats and snacks whenever he can. It's nice to return the favour, and spend some quality family time..

Lovely union - The roomie tied the knot! My dear buddy whom I've known since Sec 1, one of my closest mates, successfully sold herself off (quoting the bride!) on 14 July. And the fact that I knew the groom as well - my pri sch classmate, who's incidentally a good friend too - only made it feel all the more sweeter. Congrats again to the lovebirds, so very happy for you!

More madness in view - While I'm still undecided about this and this, have signed up for the Half Marathon at the end of the year. For those interested, do sign up while it's still Early Bird registration! :p

Crazy skies - The climate's gone all haywired all around the globe. And over here, it's been strangely cool, grey and wet this month, when I seem to recall the unbearable sweltering heat same time last yr. Well, I prefer cool to warm, only damper being stuck indoors most of the time. But no matter, just learn to skip and dash out during intermittent clearness. Hee.

Potter craze - Everyone seemed to have been caught up in the Harry Potter craze, on screen and for the final book in print. Somehow I've yet to catch either, but shall be doing that soon, I foresee. Have always been one to avoid the mad initial rush and wait for it to cool off a bit first. After all, it's not critical for me to be one of the first ones, for the price of long queues and jacked up prices - some things I just don't have patience for!


yuling said...

good to see you back here! :)

i'm pottered long ago, there's no return. anyway, the movie's below expectations (none can match the books in any case!), but the book's worth getting. can lend you mine if you want!

Anonymous said...

cool maddness! i've been wanting to run the full marathon, but have no discipline to even train for the regular 2,4k :p

b.muse said...

yuling: Heh I'm still holding out to see whether i cave and get the book, or just borrow.. haha. will bug you if needed! :p

aokisan: Can go for a short one anytime - the weather these days is perfect!

Don't think of it as training, just enjoy the wind in your hair and the high after that! :)