Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Getting bored with my usual fitness routines of run/swim/blade, I mused to blame-less that I was toying with the idea of getting a skipping rope. Something different for our cardio. Good for her too, seeing that the poor girl is off running and most exercise, nursing a badly-broken toenail.

And interestingly enough, just days after, I got one with the July issue of Shape! A cute hot pink, it even comes with a counter - how cool!

The sis and I had eagerly attempted to relive the joy of this childhood favourite. However, we soon found out that it didn't seem as easy-peasy as it used to be! Just a few minutes had us huffing and puffing, cheeks all flushed. I couldn't imagine how I managed to skip and skip and skip, trying all kinds of 'pattern' (criss-cross, single foot, alternate leg, both legs, double, triple, blah blah), without nary a pant.

We feel.. old. :p

But it's still fun! I marvel at how quickly 100 rounds can be - impressive figure it may be, but not as hard as it sounds!

It shall be our couch-potato workout during advertisements. :)


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