Tuesday, May 08, 2007

push factor

Event details here.

I figured I need some motivation to resume my running. While there's no shortage of running events around, I'm not really keen to turn into a race fanatic, so one or two every quarter should be comfortable for me.

The route looks good, and having enjoyed the last run at ECP, am relishing the prospect of that wonderful combi of warm sunshine with cool sea breezes.

Closing date's next Sun (20/5), so those interested do sign up soon!

Oh, there's a fun 5km run too. :)


Ally said...

eeks i wish i could run marathons...but...i just can't move the fat legs of mine!

b.muse said...

Oriental Queen: I can't do marathons yet! :p

Considering the long hours on your feet for work, think you need to rest them more than work 'em. :)