Tuesday, April 17, 2007

the real fake cough

Always thought that dry coughs sound fake, compared to.. eh, the phlegm-plagued ones. Maybe cos it's also used by people who don't really have a cough to make a point sometimes.

And so an itchy throat for the past two days, which I failed to soothe even with gallons of h2o and lozenges, made me feel like laughing when coughing sometimes, at how fake it sounds.. especially since it's mild bouts so far. But I was really coughing! Bleahh.

Well, dry cough or wet cough, i hate them all. Always been prone to all these respiratory illnesses, and they are never fun. Argh. Go away virus.. Shoo.


imp said...

oh dear. take care you. warm liquids!!

b.muse said...

thanks babe! yup been drinking lotsa water.. not really working, but at least not worsening. :)

b.muse said...

Hey thanks! =)