Monday, March 05, 2007

better than chocs

[super-backdated entry]

so despite what I had predicted (oh, Imp too!), there was no chocs at the gathering. Uber surprising considering the number of choc-monsters in the group, including moi as well.

But no matter. Dessert, the lovely cheesecake, made lovingly by the Babe, was yumm.. all creamy goodness heaped with generous toppings of berries. We lapped it all up, even health-conscious nottozlady (heh, thanks to *ahem* sharp-eyed bemusedtots who 'sabo-ed' her by pointing out the heap of cheese left on her plate).

Twas a perfect ending to the sukiyaki dinner filled with laughter and chatter, as we nibbled through the night amidst all the catching up. At the end of the night, the tummies and the hearts all made off feeling warm, satiated and filled. :)


yuling said...

he looks like he lost weight! the wet look, ah the wet look! picture perfect lah he! :p

imp said...

no choccies??

wah...very very disciplined. ;P

b.muse said...

yuling: heehee cute right?! :p

imp: wahaha, it's more a case of miscommunication than anything!

All the fellow choc monsters presumed someone else will bring, cause we all mentioned we might, haha.