Tuesday, February 06, 2007

turtle at the safari

Yup, the mountain tortoise (read: me) finally got to visit this famous tourist spot last Tues night.

Twas fun fun fun.. exploring the enclosures, squinting hard to spot the animals we were supposed to see, getting entertained by the antics of the performing ones, cruising through the park on the tram, with a nice chilly breeze.

The guide on the tram helped loads in getting us to spot the animals we past, and her low, melodious voice was very easy on the ears - I can't help but think it must be a requirement for her job, else the poor animals would probably be jarred by some high-pitched voice yakking away whenever the trams past by. :p

Didn't have enough time to explore the entire place, though I did see the the likes of some huge cats, bats, giant flying squirrels, otters, hyenas, a giant python and sugar gliders (cute!!). Nope, I didn't manage to see them bushbabies, despite looking very hard for them. *sulk*

Perhaps the only gripe I have is the ridiculously-priced food there - we ate at the Bongo Bongo Burger Bar, which was so not worth it, and not even satisfying at all, both in portions and in taste. Luckily there was trusty B&J for redemption. A double-scoop cone and a single scoop cup for just $3.50, thanks to some discount coupons, put a huge smile on our face. =)

But I really really appreciate the effort that went into making this date possible..
Another one next time, to see the rest of the animals, yes?? =)

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