Friday, February 23, 2007


Happy piggy year to all!! :D

Yeah, I know it's already the sixth day, but since there are 15 days in CNY, guess I'm not too late still. :p

It's been a happy happy new year holiday for this bemusedtots! Granted that like many have already mused, the excitement and happiness have diluted very much, compared to childhood days when we were all ickle ones. I remember those days of getting all psyched shopping for new clothes, fighting to stay awake on new year's eve night, and the endless feasting of soft drinks and candies without getting nagged at! As with most things that can strike so much wonder in young, easily-impressed minds, these feelings have faded slowly and surely over the years. I may still stick to the tradition of getting new clothes to wear for the new year, and I still feel joy in the festivities, but it just ain't the same anymore. Coming of age indeed.

That said, I still love CNY for the two-day-minimum break, also a reason to meet up with close chums, as well as catch up with relatives that seldom meet, except maybe at wedding dinners. They may be ones that I used to be close to, or have never been described as anywhere near that, but I still treasure these blood ties. After all, that's what you call family.

As usual, the well-meaning aunts and uncles love doing the usual routine to the likes of 'so where's your bf?? *wink*' or 'so when will I receive the 紅色炸彈 from you??' or the direct 'hey got bf already or not???' Yeah it can get a bit wearing handling these, but truth be told, I guess that's their way of showing concern, so I can't really hold it against them either. :)

Other than that, these past days, since last fri, have been filled with various fun fun fun.. munching on new yr goodies, yakking away and gathering with the Gang, visiting, going on mad errand trips with the Babe, and of cos squeezing in time with Dar as well.. Even managed to do a lil healthy bit of running for two days, so I'm really quite proud of meself. Heehee.

Yeap, so tis a random rambling post, but while the air is still thick with the festive spirit, here's wishing all a fantastic new year ahead, filled with abundance of blessings, love and fortune!

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