Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Yes, I am well aware I've been super s.l.o.w in posting this 'looking back on 06, and new aspirations for 07' entry. :p

Well, better late than never, no?

Reflecting on the year that past, 2006 has been full of ups and downs, twists and turns.

Of the lowlights, I gave thanks that they have helped shaped, tested and strengthened me, such that I emerge a better, stronger person (I hope!).
And as for the highlights, I rejoiced over the achievements and progress I have made, the blessings I have received. For newly forged friendships, and the ones that stayed close, I am deeply thankful.

After all, to me life's never been about calculating the profits and loss, but enjoying the journey. Yes, both the rainbows and the storms.

The year ended on a shaky rocky note, and the new one is full of uncertainty as well. But it will certainly be anything but boring, so I'm just gonna take a deep breath, brace myself for the roller-coaster.

The safety bar's securely in place, so bring it on! I'm ready. :)

Wishing all a blessed new year ahead!

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