Monday, January 29, 2007

end of drought

Granted that I'm already guilty of sporadic postings more often than not, it seems that I have really gone silent for too long these past weeks.

The reasons range from blogger's block, plus a huge cloud of uncertainty in many areas of this bemusedlife, rendering this soul pretty much stumped for words. Some things I just can't articulate, while other thoughts are too chaotic, or too raw for comfort.

Well, am glad to say that much of the murkiness have all but cleared, so hopefully this spells the return, and perhaps more, of bemused ramblings. So here's a quick shoutout to all who may be concerned: I'm back. :D

Till the next one, have a non-blue Monday yeah.. *smiles*



imp said...

yay!!! good to see u back!!

hope the going's now good for u!

b.muse said...

Thanks babe! :)

Yup things have mostly fallen into place, or at least the path's clearer!