Tuesday, November 21, 2006


This pre-event mailer for the upcoming fairytale-themed company D&D made me smile. So cute!

And the grin widened just a lil' with the knowledge of how this came about - a crisis containment strategy it is. Heehee.


Anonymous said...

I was tickled when I saw this mailer cos I know what prompted it too! =)

yuling said...

you two likey? =) heh, he worked at it for two hours eh! me gave my aesthetic inputs while munching chips at 12am. :p silly right, how brainless some pple imagine us to be..

b.muse said...

Katespade Chay: Hee, I was tickled by the 'prompt' as well! :p

Yuling: Yeah nice! Heh, so you were the supervisor huh..

Little Miss Snooze said...

what what? who did this?? *am i missing something??* What is the King coming as? Haha.

b.muse said...

lms: Creator of mailer? Who else can YL supervise at midnight?? ;)

Hee clue for you.. read the main msg of this mailer.. won't be hard for you to figure out the story behind! :p