Tuesday, October 31, 2006


in less than 12 hours I will be there.

Away from the haze, for 4 days of indulging in what I like best - bum. Tis a short break where the only agenda is no agenda. Me likey~


Had a lil taste of Seminyak when I was there for work in 2004. In between a mad rush to get things settled for an event, my experience was very much from a local's pov, given that my then-boss had some kindly local friends who showed us around. The people were friendly, the place was beautiful, and the food yummylicious, and the nightspots interesting. *heehee*

This time round, it will be a vastly different trip, though I'm sure I'll relish every sec of it anyway. :D


yuling said...

woo hoo! enjoy! i want a break too!!! =)

Anonymous said...

wah!! so good... nv tell mi abt ur plans in the weekend.. zhen shi de!!!


Anonymous said...


b.muse said...

thanks all! Was a good one!! :D

update post soon. :)