Monday, October 16, 2006

fellowship of the nerds

Went for the 50th Anniversary dinner of my sec sch over the weekend, over at Suntec.

Given that my skool was known for geeky nerdy students, no thanks to the strict rules, (long tent-like skirts that extended waaay past the knees *cringe*) I guess you can say it was a gathering of young and old nerds. Except that (thankfully) most of us have improved by leaps and bounds in terms of appearance since graduation. Then again, I guess that's natural, since it's hard to get any geekier than that.

It was great fun indeed. :)

Our table of nine comprised a varied mix of peeps from different cliques of the mugging days - some of whom have never seen one another for close to a decade. But throughout the night, conversation flowed easily, as we updated one another on how life's been, shared uproarious laughter over painful funny memories, and had fun craning our necks to try and spot fellow schoolmates from the same batch, or teachers whom we had held utmost respect for (heehee).

It's amazing how everyone has changed, but yet are still the same, depending on how you look at it. We may be all grown up now, but when the principal and VIPs are making their speeches onstage, we still fidgeted, whispered and made faces at one another.

While we were never close as a group, the memories of those two years have bound us together, and these links were felt that night.

Not willing to let that magical feeling go after dinner, we adjourned for drinks and more chatter, yakking way past midnight, before separating, but not without promising to meet up again soon.

I may not be close to each and every one of them, but these are people whom I grew up with. And friendships forged during those years somehow just seem more real than acquaintances made now. With these people, it felt natural to let down my guard and just be myself.

It's a strange feeling. But not a bad one at all. :)

So that was the main point of the dinner, which I will remember most fondly - not the standard 7-course dinner, not the discipline master who was the star of the night. Not even the prestiged GOH who addressed us wrongly as another in his speech, and referenced our 2nd principal as the 1st.


yuling said...

ah you went?? i was so surprised to see the speech on the news! who did you meet at the dinner? tell me more during lunch!! ohhh, i want to hear about HIM! sends shivers down my spine i tell you! :p

b.muse said...

Yup yup.. cos one of my ex-classmates got a free table. Haha.

Ya lar, a lot of ppl jostling to take pic with HIM. Madness. *shrugs*

Anonymous said...

nice. for me, it's the exact opposite. secondary school was a nightmare. my good friends now are the ones i made out of school and gone through thick and thin with. :)

b.muse said...

imp: No matter when they came into our lives, it's just great to have such buddies innit? :)