Monday, September 11, 2006


The rare monday where there is no paper duty - which would usually mean a mad long scramble of paper-flipping, headline-scanning, summarising and frantic typing all the way till lunchtime. When there is no time for lethargy, and by the time you catch your breath, half the day is gone anyway - not a bad thing sometimes.

Nonetheless, there's a list of tasks to complete. So tis bemusedtots is slowly lumbering along, regaining momentum after a weekend break from work.

A peek outside the window shows a cloud-laden sky - seems that everything just moves at half-speed on this s.l.o.w start to the week. Even the clock.. Huuuuhhhhh. :p

*lazy stretch*

And back to work it is...

Is it any wonder, that the countdown to the weekend has already began?


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