Friday, September 22, 2006

dreamy musings, not

The previous weekend seemed to be a dream-themed one.

Singapore Dreaming as my movie date with enirrac - a film that was not too bad, though not as engaging as expected. Still, it touched on many issues and aspirations of the typical Singaporean. Not too thought-provoking, though it did make buddy and moi re-consider our dreams of being a housewife. Haha.

The following night found myself at ECP having a leisurely catchup with seacool n comixS. Random chatter and musings over korean drama craze, relationships and plans for the future. It's nice to have such buddies, chummy enough to be able to share different perspectives without invoking defensive or resentful feelings.

At some point, I realised with a jolt, how much my dreams have evolved. What seemed like simple bliss in the not-too-distant past seemed to have lost its significance and appeal. I no longer yearn for those same things that I thought were all I needed to be happy.

Tis perhaps the outcome of various factors like events, people who have came and/or left, entering a different phase in life, responsibilities, commitments and that's but a figment of the myriad.

Some call this growing up. Methinks it's growing out. Cos bemusedtots doubts whether fluffy dreams and ideals giving way to hard rationalism and logic makes a better option.



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