Monday, July 17, 2006


Caught over the weekend:

Nice! Love the story, love the cast, love the cinematography. Except that it was just a tad draggy. :p

I say: go watch!! The effects are best appreciated in the theatre. :)

And it's one of those rare few sequels that are actually nice. Oh, like the first one, there's this extra bit after the credits. Still think it's a clever idea to make ppl stay, and remind them that behind this 1oo odd minutes, there are gazillions of people to credit behind the scenes. Personally I like to pick out funny roles or names in the credits during such times.

For this round, was amazed that Captain Jack Sparrow has not one, but TWO assistants. To help braid his hair maybe, or make sure his eyeliner's not smudged? Heehee. :p

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