Thursday, July 20, 2006

paper chase

In exchange for this: 10,000m pursuit that lasted for 4047 seconds.


It was quite an experience. While I'm not exactly proud of how I did, stopping to walk quite a bit, the timing was surprisingly not as bad as I expected.

The best moment of the race must be when my morale was at the lowest lowest just after the halfway turn. Felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see this smiling babe in pink who brightly asked me to give her a five.

A simple sweet gesture that boosted my flagging spirits and added a spring to my step. Felt as though my weight was halved, and regained my speed with a doubled morale. Made me realise just how much a smile or gesture that doesn't take much effort can make someone's day. So I did the same for two other dejected-looking backs I past in the last few km.

Seeing that same encouraged smile reflected in their faces was priceless. :)

Oh, and while my legs are still feeling the remnant ache, I signed up for this.

The new goal? To run at a slower pace but non-stop. =)

Sidenote: Blur me was wondering why the timing was shorter than the one I clocked when I ran non-stop by myself, till realisation struck a few days later, when I was recounting this 'amazing discovery' for the gazillionth time to a fren.

Simply because I ran an additional 400m the other time lah.

Duhhh. :p


Ally said...

wow wat an accomplishment. i never fail to get awed by people who can do runs!
i cant run!!haha=)

b.muse said...

Haha I'm sure u burnt lotsa energy too while shopping in BKK! Shopping's still my fav cardio, hee. ;)

Never used to run much, so it's something I'm trying to push myself to do more. :p