Thursday, July 27, 2006

balancing act

caught up with my sweetie JazzX over the phone last night.

It's another one of our routine occasional update chat across international boundaries, two hours apart.

Just over an hour of seemingly random chatter, musings and yaks. Yet enough to make me feel more grounded and so so safe.

Talking to my dear soulmate never fails to restore my peace/sanity. It's kinda indescribeable, in a weird way that I can't explain, and won't even try to. But it never ceases to amaze me how, after long periods of being apart and not seeing or talking, we simply pick up from where we left off, as if we've just spoken or met a day, if not hours before.

I can't imagine life without her - cos even with the distance and physical absence, she's very much in my life. As I am with her.

And for that, I am very much thankful I have her. :)



Ally said...

that's nice.
i had one, but we grew apart over the years. was thinking how i missed that closeness we shared.

b.muse said...

Yea I had one such friend too,made me appreciate this one even more.

Hope you'll find another one again.. It can happen in the most random manner, like relationships I tink! :)

Anonymous said...

'tis good to have a soulmate like her methinks : )

*now for an unrelated comment:

Gees, you read Eddings? The Belgariad series was good, and the Elenium's not too bad. But you should give up on the Elder Gods series while you're still on the first book, it sucks heh.

(Then again if you're hooked, feel free to get the second book from me.)

b.muse said...

Haha tat's my first attempt at Eddings, halfway thru the book n yup heard it was a disappointing series.
It's alright for now, but anyway borrowed the 1st n 2nd bk from NLB. Thanks anyway! :)