Friday, June 16, 2006

dating back

(back-dated entry)

Didn't manage to post this when I wanted to (which was like 2 weeks ago), but still wanted to blog about this, because:

This is the week..

that two of my closest chums start a new chapter in life - stepping into their first jobs.
IvanC & JazzX: all the best in your work.. May it be an enriching and exciting journey for you! No doubt u will miss the freedom of school days, but I'm confident that you two will embrace working life with zest too. Let me know how things go ya. =)

that a dear colleague leaves 'for greener pastures'.
lilsnooze: Thanks for all the guidance and advice.. And all the best at wherever u're going, which I'm sure u'd shine as well, being the gem u are.
In the meantime, enjoy your days as a lil-domestic-goddess! :)

that another sista finds a job that offers escape from her current torturous hours.
itzjuzme: Congrats again babe, it's heartening to see you reasoning what are the priorities important to you in life. Glad to see you happy, and may you be even happier..

that my lilsis finishes her stint in her first temp job, before starting uni.
blame-less: Enjoy your break girl, you deserve it after working so hard! And dun stress too much about uni preps ya.. Just take things as they come, and enjoy the process. You'll do jus fine. =)

that I complete the first 10km-run in my life!

The heady mix of elation, adrenaline and exhaustion is beyond words. Never know that meeting challenges set by myself can be such an euphoric experience. And it's definitely a confidence booster for my Shape Run next month. A few more runs to improve timing, and I'm good to go! Ü

that I fly off to a one-week hol in Taiwan.
Not counting the short trips (lasting less than a week) and those more for visiting purposes, this can be considered my 2nd proper holiday trip (after my first trip w/o parents to HK, circa 2000). Heh. Looking fwd to a week of exploration, relaxing, sightseeing, shopping and FOOD! Haha.

With so many things happening in a week, I just feel compelled to document them. After all, each of these, in a way, signifies a certain form of moving forward, progress, change. Something which can inject a rejuvenating shot of freshness into one's life, that can bring about lotsa growth and learning. Something we all need from time to time. :)


Little Miss Snooze said...

thanks babe! :)

Anonymous said...

hah.. thnx.. u too!! bet u've enjoyed ur trip.. and thnx for the top! luv it~ -qun-