Monday, May 15, 2006

highlights of the weekend past

Had a relatively nice weekend that started early on Fri. Spent the three days catching up with frens, celebrating Mother's Day and also managed to squeeze in some exercising as well. I love long weekends! =)

Fri: singing, singing and more singing..
Met up with one of my KTV-gangs for a crooning session over at KMarina. Advice to all: do NOT go there if you can help it. The sound system was terribly lacking, and they very cleverly locked the player behind a clear panel, therefore there was no way we could adjust the key or echo settings. After the 3-hr 2hr 40min session (cut short cos we came a bit late, and there was a queue), we left for dinner feeling a tad disappointed and unsatisfied.

Thankfully, dinner at
Vino Vino perked us up - Free flow of wine from 6-8pm, great service, yummy food and a cosy ambience.. Mmm, blissful indulgence.

The group of us, joined by more who could not make it for the afternoon k-session, tucked into hearty meals and animated chatter. Though at one point majority started talking shop (most of them were in the banking industry) and my eyes glazed over a bit. :p

Oh, recommended: the steaks. A pretty good deal at $12.90 for sirloin, and $18.90 for tenderloin, (choice of black pepper, creamy mushroom or brown sauce) served with chips/wedges and broiled veges. The serving size was perfect and my medium rare sirloin was nicely done as well. Only thing was the dubious stalk of chai-sin that was amongst the veges on my plate. It's not just me who tinks it weird to see this popular chinese vege served in western menu right?? At least 2 other of my dinner companions who also ordered the steaks agreed. Haha. We unanimously ate it first to clear it off the plate. :p The fish & chips was not as well-received though. Hmm.

After settling the bill (oh, citibank dining promo: 1 free main course for order of 2!), we debated a few options for after-dinner activities, and ended up.. going ktv again! Haha. Tat's wat happens when it's kinda early to club and the earlier session left much to be desired. Heh. So off we went to this $10 ktv located in Smith Street.

This time round, the sound system was WAY better, they served free flow of drinks (as compared to jus 2 drinks in KBox), AND get this - they served shark's fin!! Yesh, halfway thru our session they came in with bowls of sharks' fin for everyone. All for jus $10 per person. Good deal isn't it?? Wat's more, they have more updated songs in the system than KBox. I was impressed. Apparently this place is so hot that you have to call to make booking else it's near-impossible to get a room. Dun have the number with mi, but interested ppl let me know I can give you the number to call. =)

Sat: Early Mother's Day surprise for mummy dearest
My mum, who is the model of lifelong learning, wanted an electronic english-chinese dictionary, to help her with her English classes. Knowing that we would be racking our brains on wat to buy her, she helpfully dropped hints to nudge us in the right direction. She even provided my sis with info on the exact model she wanted! Haha.

So, typical last-min I had popped over to Popular earlier in the day to get it, and turns out tat there was this model supposedly better than the one she eyed on promo, at the same price! Lucky me got the last piece available. So was definitely a good buy. =)

As we are all busy the next day, her three darlings (bro, me and sis) decided to give her the pressie jus before she goes to bed after midnight.

Her smile and the look on her face when we presented her with it was priceless. *beams*

Sun: Running date with Zhen
Woke up for an early run at Bedok Reservoir with dear Zhen. We realised we both perform much better in the evening, cos were feeling quite beat after just 1 round of 4.3km. But it was a fantastic sweatout definitely, so we decided to reward our diligence with a scrumptious Coffee Bean breakfast. Yumms.

The rest of the weekend was spent largely on my fav activity - lazing away! Haha. Happily watching SATC (courtesy of
lilsnooze - I'm hooked! :p), reading, stoning at home. Basically all low-function activities. Shiok!

So, it was a weekend well-spent. =)

I'm trying not to tink abt the fact that the next PH will only come in Aug. Sighhhhh.

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