Thursday, January 19, 2006

I finally succumbed

to the EVIL flu bug that has been plaguing me for over a week. :p

Took MC for the past two days, to just stay home and nurse this terrible flu spell. Luckily, the medicine prescribed by my trusty family doc worked its magic, together with lotsa sleep and water. Not to forget doting concern from my mum, who happened to be off work yesterday. She even went to the doc's with me the day before! Haven't had that experience since.. I can't even remember when.. Sec sch?!

Anyhow, it was still nice to be fussed over. Heh.

The nasty bug had been making its rounds in my office recently. Hope no one falls so we can all enjoy the coming CNY. Humm.

It's time to build up my resistance, which must have weakened with my recent unhealthy lifestyle, what with all the feasting, snacking and lack of exercise. :P

Back at office, all fresh and mostly recovered. Today will be super low manpower in my dept, with only me and another colleague around, for the senior execs. Just hope nothing crops up today. *crosses finger*

Take care all, stay healthy and drink lots and lots of water.. It helps!

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unforce said...

just stumbled upon your blog. the posts are cute.