Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Did you have a bad day yesterday?

If so, this could be the reason!

Just some lighthearted reading for amusement - Saw this article in ST not long after I read poor Zhen's post yesterday. Coincidentally, Feng has also not been feeling too fantastic these days.

Feng & Zhen>Take comfort in knowing that you're not alone! *hugs* Hope the week perks up for you and have a cheery CNY!

And if there's any truth in it, then we can all look forward to 23 June! And also rejoice that the worst day of the year has past, meaning that there can only be better days ahead. Cool huh? ;)

All said, I suppose there'll always be days when everything just seems to go wrong. So if this is such a day for you, here's an inspirational quote I came across, to hopefully bring a small smile:

When things go wrong.. Don't go with them! ;)

Stay strong, people.. and smile! It always works wonders. =D

Jan 24, 2006
So you figured yesterday was a bad day? Spot on

LONDON - HAD a bad day yesterday? No wonder

A British university researcher claims Jan 23 was, literally, a black Monday - the gloomiest day of this year.

Mr Cliff Arnall, a health psychologist at the University of Cardiff specialising in confidence-building and stress management, said his conclusion resulted from some gruelling mathematics.

Post-Christmas blues, the return to work after the holidays, mounting bills to pay for parties, the challenge of keeping New Year resolutions, the slender prospect of fun in the weeks ahead and chilly winter temperatures for those in the northern hemisphere add up, he said.

These factors, which he combined in a formula, came out showing that the Monday closest to today would be the most dismal of the year.

The formula looks like this:
W + (D-d) x TQM x NA.
The variables are (W)eather, (D)ebt, (d) monthly salary, (T)ime since Christmas, time since failure to (Q)uit a bad habit, low (M)otivational levels and (NA), the need to take action.

'All these elements converge to make for a very unhappy day on Jan 23,' said Mr Arnall.He said his formula holds true for the United States and Britain, except perhaps in places where better weather could help improve moods.

According to the same formula, June 23 is the happiest day of the year.

'In June, there is a lot more of an emphasis on nature, with plenty of flowers and trees in full bloom,' he said. 'There is also the likelihood that people are seeing more of their neighbours because of more daylight.' -- AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE


Jayce said...

I heard this on the radio too! Maybe that's the reason ba.. hmm..

Thank you girl, you can always perk me up :) but now very stressed again.. have to go India in Feb!! argh!! I don't want to travel liao!!

b.muse said...

Hugs, glad I could be of some help. =)

It must be such a dread to travel for work, cos u really dun have much choice. =l

Well, just take it in your stride ba. Great booster to your CV! And for now, get happily distracted with your beloved BSB! Heh