Friday, October 28, 2005

Romancing Ying

These days, Ying & mi seem to have gotten into this routine of trying to arrange unsuccessfully to meet up, then finally being able to make it like after ages when we've just about given up. :p But the good thing about this is that cos it's rare we appreciate time together even more and thus usually it would be a really great date. =)

Hee, strictly speaking, she's probably the person I've gone on the most number of dates with! Can still recall fondly the sec sch days when we were inseparable, and we were so close that at one point we were exclaiming to each other that we were practically a couple! (haha, though thankfully BOTH of us have not an inkling of lesbian tendencies! :p) Come and think of it, we certainly had our fair share of petty squabbles, n jealous tantrums. Heh. K la, not that drama.

Anyway, met her for one of our occasional date again last night. We had a nice sushi dinner over at Paradiz, before heading across the road to the highlight of the night, this place called Hark Music Cafe. Extremely nice ambience - VERY romantic setting.. red & white themed decor (it's not as National Day as it sounds!) with pretty xmas-y lights all over in a very arbor-like arrangements, with candlelight too! One of those quiet cafes, with singing performances. They have a dif theme each night, and for last night it was actually unplugged karaoke! There's actually a guitarist who sings (great tenor voice), and the audience can dedicate songs either for him to sing, or venture onstage to perform it themselves. Mi jus couldn't resist and ended up going onstage to sing like 5 songs at different times of the night! :p Pity my captive audience. hehe. But made mi realised how much I miss performing days in Sing & Strum and A Capella last time!! I suppose I din do too badly since the guitarist/singer seemed quite impressed. :p

The funny thing is that even though I suffer from stage fright, it seems to be selective, as in it only affected mi during public speaking. When I performed dance/sing in hall, I actually enjoyed the adrenaline rush from the nerves, but it doesn't render me petrified, instead kinda enhance the enjoyment of performing? Looking back on those days, I must admit that I have indeed come a long way from successfully fooling people that I'm cool, when inside I'm freaking out, to actually being confident. =)

The drinks there were quite standard price, and have a list of interesting sounding cocktails, but I was in the mood for red wine, so jus order a glass of shiraz, which was nice and satisfying. Ying ordered this cocktail called Jazz-mine, which is Choya with Jasmine green tea. Looks nice, though I din try. Then typical us ordered a small bottle (375ml onli!) of red wine to share, which was nice too. Haha, tink everything was nice lar, even the service was good too. Perhaps the only thing to pick on is the seats which were not comfy enuff. If they were couches ala Pacific Coffee kind, would definitely be perfect. Heh.

It was definitely a fantastic date. Not exciting, but something different from the usual dinner/clubbing/ktv activities. Just love spending such quality time with these people in my life, and especially how I can be so relaxed and comfy with them, just being myself. *smiles*

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