Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Hmm.. It's been one week at my new job.. Enjoying the experience so far.. Though still very much settling in, which explains why I have the time to actually blog everyday. Amazingly, I'm actually blogging more frequently now that I'm working! But makes mi realise just how much I miss having my own personal space and comp! *hown* Anyways, thus far been doing mostly reading up on background info and slowly taking on more work and adapting. The people are nice too, can "click", maybe cos all quite young.. So seriously quite thankful for that!

During the monthly Staff Learning Session last week, they were talking about Work-Life Harmony, and my CEO shared some things that struck a chord in me. He was talking about 2 basic principles he adheres to in order to maintain harmony and balance in life:

1. Enjoy the things you do.
Actually he meant enjoy your work, but I tink this can be applied to other areas as well.. His rationale is that: watever happens, it is important that you enjoy wat you're doing. Tink this holds true in everything - Be it in work, relationships and even keeping fit and healthy (working out, diet etc). At least that works best for me. Only when I really enjoy it i.e. put my heart into it then I really derive satisfaction and more motivation in it.. Makes things so much more meaningful. But of cos, it's usually easier said than done, and many a times very easy to forget or lose sight of.. Hmm.

2. When reflecting on the thing that matters a lot to you: ask yourself whether there's at least one other thing that is close to your heart as well.
The entire logic behind this makes a lot of sense: Never let any one thing/person become the centre of your life, such that your entire value/esteem is dependent on it. Why? Cos when things are not going well with this one thing, you have other things to validate your self-worth. Your entire world will not collapse should this thing fail you, or vice versa. Also for the fact that when you're able to be independent from this one thing/person, you are more balanced and in perspective. To be able to maintain an objective or unique identity is crucial cos that way it ensures that every little thing does not get blown out of proportion or have an exponential impact on you. At least I feel thats the way things are for mi. But the thing is that when I get caught up in this, it's so hard to distance myself even though I noe fully that this is not good. Especially when it's a special someone that I get really into - Just any silly gesture or smile is enuff to bring my mood soaring, but the downside is of cos that this same person will have the ability to bring my mood crashing down just as easily. Can still recall a certain time in the not-so-distant past when I was lamenting that I miss the freedom of being single, of not being so easily affected. And yet, I didn't want to get myself out of the misery. Sigh.

I tink I'm losing my point.. Haha. Oh well, life is tough.. Sometimes it's just easier to not tink too much and drift along.. :p

Some food for thought: If you can't get what you want, then you need to want what you get...

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