Saturday, October 15, 2005

Contented.. p(^ ^)q

Had a nice lunch today, where I got to try the supposed famous XO sliced fish beehoon at the coffeeshop near HV. It was really nice! Loved the fragrance of the soup, tink they really added some wine (if not XO) in, very very yummy.. the fish slices were quite fresh, only slight drawback was that the beehoon was slightly overcooked, so a tad too soft for my liking. :p But all in all, it was a good lunch! =)

Will be going to dear Wenxin's place for dinner later. Looking forward to it! Hee, we were chatting online yesterday when I conjured up this fantastic idea.. Foresee a satisfying home-cooked meal later, and watch "Hide & Seek" VCD! Although it's supposed to be not very scary, shall watch with no expectations n b entertained. Anyway, it's still the company that matters more.. :) Hope Kexin can join us too~

Looks like a good start to the weekend.. And tml is my first free Sat after I started work! (^^)v

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Anonymous said...

such coincidence. i almost went for the xo noodles last wk. but din in the end lah. 3 more wks to my hols, meet u for lunch there k? :)