Tuesday, September 27, 2005

End of Bummer Days

Today marks the beginning of a new chapter.. The end of my full-time occupation as a professional bummer. I'll certainly miss it, but one has to move on.. Heh. :p
From now on, I shall throw myself into my new work with heaps of enthusiasm and drive. Really happy that I'm finally doing wat I've been aspiring towards since.. hmm I tink Sec sch?! Gosh.. That's like so long ago!! Well.. hopefully I will find that this IS really wat I want.. *fingers crossed* I'm definitely looking fwd to this new job, and the new responsibilities and duties that come with it. Really delighted that from wat I have been briefed so far, my job scope will be very much related to wat I studied. Finally some proper use of my education! Haha
First day at work was pretty uneventful, mainly cos everyone was busy, typical of a Monday after a weekend of rest. So other than helping a bit with the Daily Media Report (yes, from now on, I shall be a studious, well-informed PR Exec!), I spent most of my time stoning in front of the comp, reading the past issues of publications we were in charge of to get a feel of my work. The silver lining was that I finally have a proper work station! Ok I had my own comp in my last job, but this is a bigger office, and I really have my own booth, AND, most importantly, I can play music on my comp! Heh.. Shall bring my CDs tml to copy into my PC tml.. And already tinking of various ways to make this my cosy nice work corner.. Flowers, cushions, all my nice nice color pens, coffee, snacks (sinful!) and little knick-knacks.. Maybe some nice pics.. So so happy planning all these things! ;-)
Oops, aren't I supposed to be hard at work? :p
Thanks everyone for the well wishes.. *muacks* =)

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