Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Resigned to a boring blog

After an exhausting battle with html codes for the better part of the afternoon, I admit defeat... :P

My dear sis took a look at my blog recently, only to exclaim in disdain at the fact that I was still using one of the standard boring template by blogger. Impertinent gal... *shake head* Anyways, she then kindly proceeded to navigate me (albeit with this thoroughly longsuffering look at my suaku-ness, grrr..) thru this website where there's an amazing choice of pretty pretty skins! I felt like Becky Bloomwood in her fav dept store! Fell in love with the anime skins.. all the cute cute gals and dreamy layouts... was so inspired to change my blog's look.

So, adventurous mi decided to try fiddling with the template codes of my blog, whilst maintaining the customisations I had made to this original one, which I wanted to keep. It was really an experience lor.. I swear, my heart nearly stopped a couple of times, when I tried to preview and find things not looking as they should... and so follows countless attempts to find the problem and rectify it.. I assure you, this is an extremely formidable task for a person who is "half-bucket water" about all these mind-boggling codes. So, after a few long hours of frustration, trauma and stress *wipes brow*, managed to undo all the changes so that I am back to square one. Bleahs.

I am now contented and relieved that my blog looks the way it does. For now. :p And, consoled myself that I was so smart to drop computing within 2 weeks in JC. Or else, think I might have become one of those unfortunate ladies featured in Yunnam Hair Treatment ads. Haha.

Boring is good. And one good thing from this not-too-pleasant venture is that all the heart-racing action could count for a good cardio session. Keke. *Self-delusion*


Anonymous said...

ur sis shld nvr look at my blog then. haha. :p

Jayce said...

girl.. how come only the most recent post showing.. time to fiddle ur controls abit and let the other previous posts show too :p

b.muse said...

Heh no la I customised it this way so that looks less cluttered. :p

Jayce said...

hmm.. ok ok.. project de-clutter :p

U also kanna those spam commercial comments liao girl.. very sianz hor..