Thursday, September 01, 2005

Birthday people...

Hmm, these few days mark the birthday of a few significant people in my life.. Just feel like sharing some tots about them. :) Ok ok, I admit it's also that I'm being lazy and lumping all the bday wishes in one entry! x)

- My dear brother - (22nd Aug)
The man who loves mi most? My dad of cos! Haha.. :p
Hmm, known this guy my entire life. He's a most wonderful bro.. not perfect of cos, but definitely a superb character despite his lameness and love of irritating his two hapless sisters.. :p Dotes on us and shows his care and concern in very subtle and simple ways that are just so endearing. He's definitely seen all the worst of mi, and still he loves mi. Aww....

- Ying - (30th Aug)
My first fren in DHS and also one of the closest and dearest frens.. Pretty, intelligent, impressive, capable, independent, crazy, enthusiastic, idealistic.. the list goes on and on! =)
This sweet lady has been thru so much with me.. Thru the innocent days of notes, letters, songs, cassettes, crushes, loves, heartbreaks, aimless bus trips, playgrounds, neo-prints, all night studying.. We have so many memories, and despite all our differences, I know she'll always be there for me.
Thanks girl, for loving me so much, and being the fren that you are! And u noe I'm always here for you too..

- Junyuan aka Polar - (2nd Sept)
My "bro", also my ex hall-activity. *winks* haha.. He's one of the reasons I'll always look back on hall life with fondness.. One of the few guys who has the misfortune to hear my sob stories and lamentations on my love life. :p He really is one caring polar bear.. heh.
Ours is a very unique friendship, and I really treasure this bro very much. Wish him happiness in all that he does, and hope we stay close always. =)

- Teng Ee - (19th Aug)
Too many tots and memories, yet very little I wanna share here..
In one of my psychology modules, was taught that negative (i.e. sad, angry, bitter) memories tend to be more enduring and easier to remember than positive (i.e. happy, sweet, cheerful) ones. Rationale: Human survival instinct. Used to tink this theory makes sense. But apparently there're exceptions to the rule.. As in this case.
Just hope life gets better and better for him..

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