Friday, January 27, 2023

Hello, Kitty!

The cutest

My girlfriends are the best - not only do they tolerate my very frivolous and bimbo side, they often indulge it. 

Case in point, dear J gleefully made sure she passed these cute saucers to me before I headed out for the holiday. "Something random and fun! I saw these and I KNEW I had to get them for you." she grinned. 

I unwrapped the boxes and burst out laughing. Of course she had to - two cutest Hello Kitty ceramic saucers, that were just the right balance of cute but not tacky. The artwork was beautifully done and the saucers were well made too. 

When I asked her what the Japanese script on them meant, she deliberately did a Google image translation to show me. Literally "Hello, Kitty". LOL. I was so amused. 

Took these plates out on the first day of LNY, to have a piece of pineapple tart, and one almond cookie. I'm not usually one to have sweets for breakfast, but these were surprisingly not cloyingly so, and perfect with a cuppa Americano. :)

Blends right in with my home decor

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