Tuesday, January 03, 2023

Bestie time!

Bestie was back for a week last month and as I knew she had many people to see, plus family being her main priority for this trip, was so stoked and touched that we got to spend an entire evening plus a lunch the following day together. 🥰

The bestie and I have been maintaining our long distance friendship for over 10 years now, so we are used to long periods of not seeing each other in person. But the past 3 years must have been the longest in quite a while as we normally would have at least seen each other once a year when she passes through Singapore or comes back for a visit. Damn this pandemic.

We do converse quite regularly so she is well attuned to my favourite haunts and Singapore-based chums, so dinner at DOP seemed like a no-brainer given how much I have raved about it (and how often I'm there either for a solitary meal or for meals with friends). I thought she would also enjoy meeting dear S and P who have been absolute rocks for me over the past year, not to mention the best company. Dance BFF L was unfortunately taken ill at the last minute, but I gleefully also arranged for the darling Sassoons to join as a surprise, all of whom were already acquainted with Bestie. What a fabulous dinner group. 💖

Over the evening, the drinks and conversation flowed so easily even this being the first time some of them have met. Not forgetting that food and service were top notch. We ordered all my favourites so the Bestie could try them all - a burratina platter, alongside the best spicy sautéed clams, pasta as well as pizza. And plenty of roast potatoes on the house just because they knew I love my taters. Haha. 

After we rolled home at the end of the evening, bestie did our usual of rambling and chatting into the whee hours of the morning, soaking up each other's company, a treat that we both savoured. There's really nothing like being in each other's presence, even when video calls and messages are a luxury we have enjoyed, from the days we used to exhaust international calling cards and phone bills jacked up by the nonsense MMSs we sent each other. Heh.

The following day, we got to meet the rest of our 7 sisters group for hotpot too, and it was a different type of bliss catching up with this group who are really like family - we are a funny mix of personalities that grew even more different as we ventured from teens into adulthood, but time with these peeps are always enjoyable and wondrous each time to see how we banter and chat through life updates.

At the end of all these time spent, I had so few photos taken, a sign of energy fully focused on the company. But I do want to document more of these moments though, so I really should be more conscientious about non-random photo-taking. 😬

Precious time spent with loved ones are always salves for the soul. May we have more of these now that we have nearly done away with social distancing and travel restrictions. 

It's been a while since it was just us 7! 💜

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