Friday, March 24, 2017

Weekday lunch staples: 饭桶版 (rice bin mode)

Another go-to for my lazy take-away options
Been patronising this "mixed vegetable rice" stall in the foodcourt located in the office building for almost as long as I have been with the firm, and it's one I will certainly miss, too. While nearly every food court or hawker centre here in Singapore will have at least one stall offering this - an array of various vegetables, meats and seafood dishes for selection with rice or porridge, it's actually not easy to find one which doesn't douse its dishes with too much oil or MSG/salt, and vary their repertoire often enough that on nearly any given day you can find a nice variety that you can choose from.

This is not the cheapest dining option in the foodcourt, but I like it simply for the fact that you get much more fibre and protein than most other local food options. It's always a no-brainer on days when I crave some rice and cooked food, over the healthy greens and browns of my preferred salad bars. It's less healthy for sure, but at least I know I'm getting a good dose of my required veggie intake for the day, since my selections comprise of at least two greens. Plus those curry sauces always go so well with the rice. Heehee.

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