Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Trying pre-workout

Been reading up and studying sports nutrition and supplements more extensively, in a bid to learn more about how I might be able to use some of these - in moderation - just to give a mini boost to my exertions.

Nothing crazy, but really just curious to test out how some of these might help give better results. Still not going into the whole creatin/casein shebang, but just venturing a bit more into BCAAs for muscle recovery, and the continued quest for a yummy protein shake that doesn't come with dodgy long lists of chemicals in their ingredients.

So after hearing mixed reviews on the effectiveness of pre-workouts, I bit the bullet and bought a pack of it to try out. Picked this one that had some good reviews on the taste and ingredient mix, and tested out a small shot of it before my run today.

Pretty much like a fruit punch so no issues with the taste. I was conservative with the serving size too so it didn't make me feel like jumping out of my skin, but gave that nice buzz that I sometimes feel, that slight antsy feeling which just makes me feel like getting to move and do something, anything but stay slouched over my keyboard and desk.

Verdict? Pretty positive, and I'm keen to see how much it will help to get over that dreaded inertia of starting a workout. Now to make sure I don't succumb to the inertia of fixing this up too! Haha.


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