Saturday, March 04, 2017

Teammie time resumes

It was such a joy to see my beloved BTF (Best Teammie Forever) for a lunch date. We haven't met up proper for a while, partly due to the fact that she was based abroad for a number of years, so it felt awesome to be able to catch up proper after she's settled back in after moving back home. 

(N.B: I say BTF, but really, I have only ONE "teammie". I've of course worked in different teams for most of my career, but she is the only one I call that - simply because there is no other quite like her, and I highly doubt I will meet another that even comes close. I don't make friends easily at work, so to meet someone like her whom I not only get along extremely well with, but  where we actually get each other on a level that is inexplicable despite our different personalities, is just out of this world.)

Over a easy yummy dim sum lunch, we chatted a mile a minute on a couple of ongoings in our lives - there was just too much to cover so we actually focused on just a few key subjects this time around, and saved the rest for a next meeting. Hahaha. We somehow knew, without even having to voice it out, that we will be catching up more regularly now, and there is no rush to try and do a "speed-date" style conversation. 

I always love the dynamics between us. Having survived a dark age together has made it such that our communications are by default in "no filter" mode. There simply isn't a need for one, since this woman and I have honed that "teammie-pathy" thing to the highest level. 

Can't wait for our subsequent teammie dates! :))

Friendships, especially in adulthood can be so transient, and I always count my blessings that I have more than a handful of amazing friends who will go out of their way to ensure we stay connected or catch up, regularly or when possible. We are at that age where true friendship is not about how often or how much we converse, but really about knowing each other so well that we know when NOT to stay in touch, to back away and give the person some space as they sort things out in their own time. That, to me is the epitome of a genuine and deep connection - the ability to comprehend what the other party best needs, and not just valiantly attempt to nudge them when they have gone silent. 

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