Sunday, March 26, 2017

Happy hours

There's always something satisfying about the size of these mugs
The bar by the river often has one-for-one promotions for its draft beer, so we took advantage of it one leisurely Sunday evening to grab some Hoegaarden - Blanche for me and Rose for the rest. The latter flavour is nice but usually just a tad too sweet for me. It's usually reserved for days when I don't mind beer for dessert. :p

It's nearing the end of AB's parents' stay, and it's been quite a pleasure getting to know them better. Whilst the language barrier can be challenging, I think we made a good effort on both sides to get better acquainted, and also respect each other's space. It's really nice most of the time to watch and listen to them interacting anyway - I may not be able to contribute much to the conversation, although I can catch the gist of the dialogues just about half the time.

Quality time together is very much cherished, especially since they don't see each other in person for most parts of the year. It's time to make the most of every moment before they head back.

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