Friday, February 03, 2017

Not ready to let go yet

Just the other day, I was reviewing the blog, and bemoaning the fact that I'm still stuck on that ONE book I've been reading for months. This was painful to acknowledge, alongside other interests that I used to spend so much time on, but barely if ever feature in my life these days. 

But there are only so many hours in a day, and so many days in a week. And I can't help but feel like life has caught up with me - between work, gym and other workouts, spending time with the loved ones and other random social activities, I just feel time-poor most of the time. 

I can't be like a child anymore, and read books through the night or all weekend.

Or practise for hours on the piano until I feel that satisfaction from having the fingers fly over the keys smoothly, playing notes that don't clash, nailing the rhythm and beats. 

Or set aside time on the court, mastering my serves, forehand and backhand till I get the hang of hitting that round yellow/green ball with some measure of confidence. 

Or hit East Coast Park for hours on a weekend morning/afternoon, whizzing about on my rollerblades, my favourite tunes on shuffle in my ears, wind in my hair and the mind in recluse mode. 

Or can I? 

Perhaps I have outgrown some of these, or perhaps I just need to manage my life and time a bit better, to reshuffle the schedule and make time for more of these things I love. 

I'm not ready to let go just yet. 

It's time to do some serious planning, then implement those plans with more effort than my current lacklustre attempts and see what I can or cannot do. I know it's not impossible, I see amazing girlfriends do that (talking about you Impy), so I'm determined to try and emulate some of that, before I admit that I'm just a lesser human and skulk away, tail between my legs. :p

Go me!


imp said...

Weh, i need to remind you that some of this time/timing/energy for other activities have been portioned out to your dance classes and socials. you were/are completely committed to those classes for what, a good two years? you've said it yourself- time is finite, but you can shift things around within it.

which is why, now that i've joined this 'cult', i'm very pleased to hang out at 'worship venue' with other friends who are cult members too, because it means i'm utilizing time efficiently- seeing people i what to see at 'worship venue' instead of hobnobbing or schmoozing with strangers who're friendly, but whom i'm not interested to cut a deeper friendship with.

b.muse said...

@imp: Hehe true that, but I can still do better in my time management - too much of my time is wasted doing nothing of any real use, so am hoping to target most of those windows to be more productive. :D

Hahaha yes am very pleased that you are now a fellow member of that "cult"! Too so long to finally drag you in! :)))