Friday, February 24, 2017

New gym buddy!

So chuffed that the dear galfriend finally caved and signed up to be a member at the gym I go to. Whee!! How fun.

The woman, who has a willpower of steel has managed to stay resistant to the lures of this awesome "cult" (her words, not mine) for months. She's heard me raving about this wonderful place I race to during lunchtime and whenever I could squeeze in time, then subsequently when her partner joined the same gym and morphed into an even more avid gym-goer than he already was. I guess that piqued her curiosity even more and when the new outlet opened with her favourite Pilates Stott machines, it kinda sealed the deal.

Was amused to see and hear all the classes she's been signing up for. For some reason, she never struck me as a "group class" person - this lady doesn't like to waste time so individual classes afford her the maximum she can get out of an hour or so. I guess it speaks volumes on the quality of the instructors available at the gym.

Quite frankly, neither of us are the type who needs an actual gym buddy for our workouts. We don't do heavy weights that require someone to help "spot" the exercises, nor do we need a "gym date" to motivate ourselves to go for our workouts. But it's just fun to be able to book classes for each other, and once in a while when our schedules tee up, attend a class together, or head there to do our separate training, then reconvene for a coffee or meal thereafter.

I just love that we have yet another option for our catch-ups, other than the usual weekday lunches, the bar, and/or theatre or other random activities. Heh.


imp said...

Yesss! Another option to see your face! Kekekke.

When one stands kn the furthest corner of the room, it helps with the illusion of alone-ness. (Nonsense Zen sayng by yours truly.)

But it really helps with a peace of mind when the gym keeps class sizes small. And honestly, I've come to realize that even during bigger classes, you're so focused on your inner pain and hurting abs that the horizon blurs out, and you don't even see other people. I was simply counting breaths and using exhale breaths to push up or jump or punch. Hahahahah.

b.muse said...

@imp: LOL!! Good saying and very befitting of your style. Hehehe I know what you mean about that, completely! ;)