Monday, February 06, 2017

Huff and puff

On many occasions on recent days, I look at the backlog of posts I need to complete to get on schedule, and grimaced. What a looong list!

It just seems like a snowball on some days, growing bigger and bigger every day that I miss out on posting.

I suppose I can change my tack and not insist on having a post per day, that will definitely make my life earlier and the heart pump a little less frantically.


A commitment is a commitment, even if it's a promise made from one to oneself. Especially if so, in fact.

So I shall trudge on, and continue chipping away at my drafts, one day, surely I will be on time, dare I say even ahead of it. That will be the ultimate goal. :D

Did I just bang out a post to lessen the difference, talking about my attempt and mental struggles on this? Possibly, hehehehe. Yet, it truly is a record of how I am not giving up this time.

So let's put this down, for posterity. :)

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