Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Passenger perks: carviews

As much as I enjoy driving, I do appreciate the perks of being in the passenger seat, especially during travels. Without the main responsibility of watching the traffic (even though I do take note of that too), it's really enjoyable to take in the changing landscape and spot random sights or scenery flashing past.

Growing up in a tiny island filled with skyscrapers meant that being able to actually see the horizon is such a treat every time I go on a drive overseas. I still remember the awe I felt the first time I did a road trip of sorts, from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. The views were simply amazing. I'm often mesmerised even just being on the highways, taking in the expanse of land and road ahead. And being the passenger meant I had the luxury to snap some of these on the camera. It is a fun challenge trying to get a decent capture of the beauty as it pasts - you need to be quick else it will be gone in an instant, and also consider the lag time it takes between you pressing the button to the actual image captured, so as to optimise the limited framing you can do. 

Then again, I sometimes think that for some scenes, it's hard to get a bad shot, simply because the subject is so gorgeous that no matter how you "anyhow" take a shot, it will turn out nice. 

That's also the reason I try my best not to be occupied with my phone during rides - it's too easy to miss all that greatness passing by, and such a shame too - after all, I doubt that you will really remember what chats or social media you were on when trying to recall the best moments of a trip. It's all about being in the present and making the most of things. 

Sharing some of my favourites from this trip. :)


imp said...

you're such a good passenger. You kept awake! i'm terrible. i tend to fall asleep despite my best efforts. :P i can't read or even surf on phone/iPad in a moving vehicle. that kinda makes me fall asleep pretty fast especially when the GPS does its work well.

b.muse said...

@imp: Haha I do fall asleep sometimes, especially when I am in the backseat! But most of the time too wide-eyed staring out to feel sleepy. :D