Thursday, January 26, 2017

Naughty vs nice: having a (mostly) clean diet

One particular night, after having whiled hours away just pottering about doing nothing of importance till it was rather late, I suddenly realised I was starving, and having a fierce craving for a hearty bowl of instant noodles. Specifically a serving of that Nongshim spicy veggie flavoured korean ones I had just heard a friend rave about and been all eager to try since buying it just the day before. 

When your craving is so specific, you know it's a serious one that can't be simply diverted with some celery or carrot snacks.

Heh, noodles it is then! To make it less sinful, I rummaged through the fridge, chopped up some of my favourite greens to add to the noodles, and there I have it, a truly veggie-filled spicy noodle soup. 

It may have been chock full of sodium and empty calories, but at least I also got in a very healthy portion of vitamins, nutrients and fibre. Not to mention that satisfaction of a mad craving. Priceless.

No regrets. :D
Late night indulgence

Eating well has never really been a huge problem for me. I love my vegetables since I was a child, and don't always need meat, so most days my meals are rather light. My diet is 70% clean and generally wholesome, and I (thankfully) have a nonexistent sweet tooth so it isn't tough at all for me to resist sweets - the truth is, the hard part is often in how not to appear rude when I decline sweets offered, like, I'm not even trying to pretend to be good, but I really don't fancy cakes and pastries.

That said, I do have quite a "spicy/salty" tooth, and do occasionally indulge in savoury junk food - cue chips, fries, curry puffs and instant noodles (especially those of the spicy variety). Essentially, I am quite the carb fiend.

I don't feel too guilty about it - it's all about moderation and balance after all: I work out and maintain an active lifestyle, and I eat instinctively most of the time, having learnt to listen to my body for what it needs, both in exercising as well as what I feed it for substenance. As I get older, I do find that I'm naturally increasingly inclined towards whole and unprocessed foods as well - those naughty treats may still be enjoyable, but somehow just don't taste as good anymore, and I actually crave them much less often that I used to. I'd like to think it's a reflection of the palate getting more refined and discerning on what truly taste good - natural, fresh organic fare, as opposed to the highly processed junk in well, junk. But once in a few months, that craving still strikes, so when that happens, I just go with it. And it's perfectly fine.

Although, I did make up for the noodles by doing an extra workout the next day, so all good. Like I said, it's about balance. :p

Happy plate! :)


imp said...


*cravings for cup noodles are stirring NOW

b.muse said...

@imp: HEEEHEE. Oops!