Thursday, January 19, 2017

blue withdrawal

Currently bemoaning the lack of ready access to a pool - the one at AB's place is undergoing renovation for all of this month, which will only be completed by end of the month.

I have been thoroughly spoilt by this pool - while it's a tad smaller than an Olympic sized one, it's of a nice size and shape that's conducive to my preferred swim duration of 30-45 minutes. Many happy afternoons and a handful of mornings/evenings were spent in it, typically for 40-50 laps, just enough to feel that lovely stretch in the limbs, and still be refreshed, not exhausted after. I do remember very occasionally completing some 70 laps in it, particularly craving that slight tremor in the muscles as I emerge from the pool. Have yet to attempt a full 100 laps though. Heh.

Obviously I didn't get to do any swimming in December, and obviously the construction would take place this month, not while I was away, since Murphy just loves me. Ah well, it's just going to be a week or so more to go. They better complete the works in time! *scrowls*

I miss my favourite sport, even if I sound quite annoying whinging about it. It's not even a real problem after all. Should I really desire, I could just go to a public pool to get my fix. It's seriously not that far to travel. Plus, I have many other choice exertions that I enjoy too - running, gym, yoga, and if all else fails, I can do my own home workouts too. I truly have no reason to grumble, other than being in a self-indulgent "brat" mode. :p

Counting down to the end of Jan! Hopefully I won't be tsking at myself for not utilising the pool enough then.


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