Monday, July 02, 2007

missing routine

While I'm not exactly a sms-fanatic, I use it quite often, more for the convenience it offers than anything.

Not surprisingly, the bf is the most frequent recipient I text throughout the day, mostly of the most random stuff. It's become a daily habit to send my first sms of the day to him on the way to work, and before I turn in at night. In between interspersed others too, mostly of mundane stuff like confirmation of plans and such.

I've gotten so used to it that it's become very much auto-pilot, something I do without much thought.

So with his mobile misplaced yesterday morning, I found myself feeling a bit lost at times, not being able to text him whenever I want. Even if it's for things of little importance.

I'm amused at the irony - how the presence is often overlooked, and only missed when it's gone. I hardly had to think much about it when I went about texting usually, and yet when I no longer do it, the absence shouts out like a glaring blob.

A good reminder it is, to cherish what we have while it's there. That shall be my food for thought today, as I miss the routine a little, and miss him a little more. :p

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