Thursday, May 17, 2007

it wasn't how I remembered

It was one of those shows that really gripped me and left an impression. So when I chanced upon it at the video shop, couldn't resist grabbing it off the shelf, all eagerness to re-visit the story that fascinated me, and chow on the reflected thoughts.

My memory surprised me at how much I remember of the show, which I had caught only once in the theatre years ago - but the curious thing was that while I seem to have perfect recollection for most of the scenes, one or two of them, as well as lines uttered by the characters were totally unfamiliar. It was as if I was watching them for the first time. A disconcerting experience for sure.

And the mystery compounded at the end of the show, where I went 'HUH?!?!?!?' at the ending - totally different from what I remembered. I might have faulty memory, but I could not have conjured an entirely different ending in my mind right?? Especially not when the ending was a huge reason the film was so memorable in the first place.

The sis, watching the film with me, was terribly amused at my bewilderment.

So I googled, and found, to my relief, that my memory works fine. Turns out that as suspected, there were actually two different endings - ironic thing was that the 2nd one I watched on disc was the original director's version. The one I saw first was the edited Hollywood version. Ha.

No matter, I liked both. Can't say which is better, they were just different, and nice in their own way. Would still recommend this as a good one to catch, though you might wanna consider the DVD which might have both endings, for comparison.

Was just glad that it wasn't my mind playing tricks on me - especially just after watching a movie about memory alteration. :p


mummybean said...

heh, that must have been confusing! ok, the show sounds really interesting - shall look outfor it the next time i'm at video-ezy...

b.muse said...

Exactly! Was a strange feeling encountering all the parts where I went 'hmm, how come I don't remember this?!' Haha. :p