Wednesday, March 28, 2007

typically strange

Tagged by Imp, this list turned out to be harder to conjure than I thought - not cos I'm too normal, but more because these quirks are so much a part of me that I had trouble identifying those that would be perceived as 'weird'! Haha. :p

Ok here goes..

1. I am anal about tags.
I just cannot stand having the price tags on my things - especially on my stationery and books! I would painstakingly remove the tag the soonest I can, after making the purchase. Seeing them there just feels.. not right.

2. I'm obsessive when peeling prawns and eating shellfish
When devouring my favourite seafood, I would take pains to peel the entire prawn so as to keep it as intact as possible - even the tips of the tail that are hardest to get. In fact, especially that! Same with shellfish - I would carefully scrape the entire piece off the shell, leaving the entire thing clean, with not a single remnant left.

And for this reason, I'm usually happy to peel my own prawns. Haha.

3. I suffer from reading infidelity.
At any one time, I'm usually reading at least two, or three books. They are usually of different genres (think chick lit and fantasy, or romance and serious fiction), appealing to different sides of yours truly. Somehow, I seldom find myself just reading one book at a time - and I attribute this to my Gemini nature of the tendency to be easily bored or distracted.

4. I have a pretty good memory - for the most unconstructive things!
I have a knack for amazing others with my memory of details like what happened at gatherings or events, who said what, entire storylines and conversations in books read, song lyrics! So much so that I used to be a walking 'lyrics dictionary' to my friends in school last time (Chinese pop only though).

And this started when I was an ickle pre-schooler, memorising entire story books meant for primary sch kiddies that my mum read to me. According to her, I marched into bookstores, picked out the exact books and read them aloud from cover to cover, impressing the aunties in there! My showing off must have been quite embarrassing. :p

5. I have conversations with toys and imaginary beings.
The sis and I are convinced that there is an elf residing in our room, who loves stealing our stuff then putting them back in the wrong places - which is why our things often mysteriously disappear, only to be found in a place that we swear we never put there in the first place.

And we have entire conversations with our stuffed toys as well - the mini zoo on our bed, comprising a monkey, a dog, a cow, a kangaroo and a bodyless turtle.

6. I clear my plate item by item.
This is perhaps the most boring of the lot - I have to finish the different food items on my plate one. by. one. Eg. I have to finish all the salad/vege, before I eat the chicken, then the fries.

And I save my favourites for the last.

And I tag jyaisu, nottozlady, winnie-t, YL, blame-less and itzjuzme! :)


imp said...

i can't do your No.3. i'll have to sit down and finish that book before opening up another!

No.5 is SO COOL> now i feel normal!!! i'm convinced there's a gremlin in mine that followed me all around!

b.muse said...

Imp: Haha yeah I was feeling relieved reading about you talking to your toys too! :p

yuling said...

i did the meme! =)