Tuesday, March 06, 2007


moments ago, my entire office shook.

it was a surreal experience that lasted mere seconds, but freaky it was!

Our admin colleagues alerted told us that they only received calls from our floor though - the top floor of the building.

most likely brought about by a quake from our neighbours, it's a chilling thought to think of the actual shaking at ground 0.


Update from ST Interactive: tremors were felt at various parts of Singapore, including town area. And it coincides with a quake reported off the coast of Indonesia, magnitude 6.3 on Richter.


yuling said...

must be quite an experience. all was normal on my floor. yeah, cant bear to think of the actual shaking! :(

b.muse said...

yeah it was a first for me, and though it's gentle shaking, rather unnerving. :p