Wednesday, March 14, 2007

30 minutes is enough..

for me to look at all my teaching friends with newfound respect.

I could not even handle half the number they usually had to deal with at one time, for a fraction of the duration of a lesson.

Spent all of half an hour in the same room with a bunch of just over 20 ickle ones, aged 6-10. With most of them having the attention span of butterflies, and ants in their pants, rendering them unable to sit still for any duration exceeding 5 seconds, it was a nightmare challenge trying to teach them how to 'care and share'.

It was only the bribe of some cutesy notebooks that shut them up for a grand 10 minutes so I could finish my presentation.

As I left the centre feeling like I've aged ten years, I emphatically thanked the teacher who helped to control them.

'What a bunch of lively kids you have there.'

She could only manage a weary smile at me. :p


Anonymous said...

my gosh. well done girl! that must have been the toughest presentation ever!

that's why i rather deal with old folks than kids. at least the oldies don't exhaust me.

b.muse said...

imp: same! Somehow I just feel more at ease with the elderly, and have more patience with them.