Friday, February 16, 2007

together again

She's back!! =D

And with that, tonight marks the reunion of The Gang - comprising 6 babes and a dude, who've come a long way since the nerdy sec-sch days.

The bonds have slowly and steadily strengthened over the years, and am just so glad that we're still going on strong. :)

These are the ppl who've seen me through numerous stages in life, and together, we've been part of one another's memories for birthdays, new years, christmases and more. My precious buddies who know me well, with whom I can just let down my hair and be my goofy self.

Over the years, studies and work, here and overseas, have made it near-impossible to have everyone present when the Gang gathers. And after close to two years, the Gang will be whole again tonight!

grins* *grins* *grins*

Our very own reunion dinner, after too long. I can't wait!! :)))



imp said...

have a great time catching up! sounds like it'll be filled with lots of laughter and hugs. maybe chocolate somewhere along the way too. ;P

b.muse said...

imp: thanks! yea you're right! it's gonna be a utterly sinful one, laden with choc, carbs, sugar and booze! :p