Wednesday, February 07, 2007

one down

caught this last night: item one from my list! :)

It was one of those films that's like a soothing cuppa - a simple plot that eases gently down the throat, leaving a trace of fragrance to reflect and linger over. No impressive special effects, no rich vivid colours, no awesome cinematography. Just clean cut editing and takes that allows the thoughts and emotions to seep into the viewer's consciousness, against a background of crisp piano notes playing.

I like.

Immersed myself in the storytelling, and really felt the pain and fears the lead was grappling with. The emo-monster had me in its grip, and the tears flowed constantly from halfway through, much to the bemusement of the man.

So, if you're looking for a fantastical commercial blockbuster, or an avante garde artistic creative edgy production, I say give it a miss. I can see why it would not work for some, but it did for me. :)

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