Tuesday, January 30, 2007

early-week outing

While I simply heart weekends, the time when I get to catch my breath from an entire week of working n rushing about to various commitments, sometimes a lil' escapade during the week can do wonders too.

Like tonight - am rushing off soon for a
date in the wild, a first time for me! *yes, I is mountain tortoise*

Felt like a lil girly the entire day, trying very hard not to mention it at all, though I was brimming over with excitement. Simply cos I have the tendency to jinx the weather whenever I mention any outdoor plans. Superstitions or not, am now staring at the clear blue skies outside with glee. Teehee.

And now, this bemusedtots shall skip with gaily steps to her excursion, and hope to see a
flying squirrel or two, even a bushbaby while I'm at it!

Laters! =)


mummybean said...

just popped by and wanted to say thay i love the night safari! hope you had a good time!

b.muse said...

beanbean: Thanks for dropping by. :)

I love it too! Didn't get to tour the entire place though, so probably going back again another time! =)